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Based in Orpington - 1st Class domestic repairs has over 20 years experience in servicing all manner of white goods. Our team specialise in BOSCH appliances, along with Hotpoint, Zanussi, Whirlpool and Hoover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Is your work guaranteed?"
A: Yes...All work done and parts fitted are guaranteed for a minimum of 3 months.

Q: "What areas do you cover?"
A: We cover Orpington, Bromley, Petts Wood, Farnborough, Dartford, Chislehurst, Lewisham, Catford... in fact, any area within a 20 miles radius of Orpington!

Q: "Will the technician have all the parts in the van when he calls?"
A: We carry very comprehensive stocks on the van of the most common parts that wear out or are easily broken (e.g. Pumps, Motors, Belts, Seals, Door Handles, Hoses etc.). Parts not in stock are usually available from our suppliers on a 'Next Day Delivery' basis, and we will quickly return and complete the repairs.

Q: "Why doesn't my dryer heat?"
A: There might be a problem with the heating element or a thermostat. Both are replaceable.

Q: "Why won't my domestic appliance do anything, there isn't even a power light?"
A: As strange as it may sound, sometimes you can find that a fuse has tripped at your main fuse board. It may even be that the fuse in the plug or extension lead has blown. Try these first before contacting us.

Q: "My built-in oven doesn`t heat up, Why?"
A: The most common problems are heating element or thermostat but it could be something else of course

Q: "Why won't my washing machine empty?"
A: Before you contact us, you may find there is a blockage or kink in the hose leading out your mashing machine. It could be that your machine has a small fluff collector (check your instruction manual) if this gets clogged it can prevent emptying of the machine (remember to place a suitable tray to collect water underneath).

Q: "Why doesn't my washing machine spin?"
A: The appliance has to be checked by engineer just because there are various reasons – motor,brushes,PCB or may be a draining problem

Q: "My electric hobs and the oven work but the grill doesn`t, Any ideas?"
A: We probably will have to change your grill element

Q: "My tumble drier seems to work, but it makes a new squeaking noise and sometimes gets a rubbery smell, any ideas?"
A: This could well be a fire risk as the belt that drives the drum can get worn and may need replacing or adjusting, to be safe.